A New Year, New Projects!

As I sit here anxiously awaiting what I hope will be a great 2009, I am also way too used to working 2 days, being off for 2 days, so on and so forth. The Holidays, as wonderful as they are, are now behind us, and as we pack up the tree, take down the stockings, and shuffle the boxes off to the attic for the next 11 months, take a look around you.

Those projects you’ve been putting off because relatives are coming; some new flooring for the living & dining rooms, a new wood countertop for the kitchen, maybe even for the bedrooms upstairs…. Now is the time to get a jump on those projects.

Here at Pioneer Millworks, we have taken advantage of the slower pace of business to re-build some inventory in our most popular floors, such as our Settlers’ Plank, and Character Select Heart Pine. We have these floors available for quick shipments, as well as many others. These next couple months are the best time of the year to get those projects done on your house, before the hectic pace of summer, vacations, and warm nights on the patio come back around. Boy, a warm night sounds like a real treat right now, with the whopping 8 degree temps outside!

Our engineered flooring line is up and running in full swing as well, so if you have a basement room to spruce up, we can get you the best in eco-friendly flooring, and ship it to you just as fast as our solids. All of them are made right at Pioneer Millworks’ shop in Farmington, NY.

So Happy New Year to you and your family. We’re ready to help with any project you have in mind – just give Jered or Julie a call, or an e-mail, and we’ll help you sort out the details. Thanks for checking in!


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  1. Use wood floor oils to finish your floor and give a layer of pteroction. This way you can keep the natural feel and texture of the wood.

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