A tour of reclaimed Chestnut Hill

Jered took a recent trip to Boston and stopped at Chestnut Hill mall to check out our reclaimed wood in its new home. Here’s what he found:

When you walk up to Anthropologie, you’re greeted by doors made of a mixture of Douglas fir and Cypress milled from wood reclaimed from wine vats. That same wood accents select areas of the store as flooring. Our sister company, NEWwoodworks, created a shelving unit made of reclaimed American Gothic Oak.

Anthropologie entrance with wine vat stock siding.

Anthropologie entrance with wine vat stock siding.


NWW AG Oak shelves

Anthropologie American Gothic Oak shelving.

Fir Cypress flooring

Anthropologie wine vat stock flooring.

Anthropologie wine vat stock flooring.

Anthropologie wine vat stock flooring.

Madewell features Character Select Heart Pine flooring that has no finishing on it, though some is painted white as part of their more recent designs.


Character Select Heart Pine at Madewell.


Character Select Heart Pine at Madewell.

Next up is Eileen Fisher, where the ladies working there told Jered they get lots of love for the floor. The flooring is Engineered American Gothic Elm which has been stained and refinished on site.

AG Elm

American Gothic Elm flooring.

The new Basset Store features FSC Certified Red Oak siding that has been heavily brushed and primed in our shop then finished in the field.

FSC Red Oak

FSC Certified Red Oak siding at Basset.


FSC Certified Red Oak siding at Basset.

We’re excited to see our ‘old’ wood getting new life in Boston. Jered had a good time visiting (he said something about the best cannolis in the country?!) and is already gearing up to go back in late Fall. We’ll be sure to share more!


Custom Ebony Finish; Work of Art

Goorin 4Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s passing through the hands of our finishing crew.

Goorin 3

Settlers’ Plank Oak with Custom Ebony Finish

SP Oak

Settlers’ Plank Oak unfinished

This custom ebony stain with matte water-based polyurethane gives our Settlers’ Plank Oak floor a more monochromatic appearance thereby drawing more attention to the variation in texture and grain.


Louise Nevelson






Kind of reminds me of a Louise Nevelson sculpture.


Goorin 2


Cold Storage Oak

Beautifully patina'ed White Oak from a local cold storage facility

Beautifully patina’ed White Oak from a local cold storage facility


One of the most challenging requests that we get from customers is for a product that has a worn smooth surface and dark aged patina. While its easy to provide reclaimed products that are rough and retain indicators of their past life, like nail holes and saw marks, finding a material with that authentic time worn look can be a struggle.

In the past few years our finishing department has gotten quite talented at simulating decades of wear with artistic techniques. Like bizarro-land alchemists, they transform clean freshly milled product into old antiqued floor boards.  These techniques usually combine texturing processes like wire-brushing and hand sanding with multi-step custom stains and finishes. The results are always stunning but man does a lot of work go into it.

Now we have a limited edition product that has the look everyone is clamoring for with none of that fuss: COLD STORAGE OAK!

Red Creek 6

Our acquisition crew spent the sweet month of September dismantling the interior of a local cold storage facility. This facility boasted over 25,000 board feet of White Oak flooring that measured 3″ thick and up to 15″ wide. Best of all, this floor has suffered the abuse of forklifts since before the age of Iphones, or color TV for that matter.

Though some boards have worn more beautifully than others this stuff is the Holy Grail of reclaimed wood.

The process of dismantling this floor was not complicated (each board was attached to a supporting I-beam with a mere two lag bolts) but elbow grease was used aplenty. Lifting and lugging these boards for three weeks was some workout. Here are some photos of our efforts.


Red Creek 7Red Creek 2 Red Creek 3 Red Creek 5 Red Creek 4 Red Creek 12 Red Creek 11


Red Creek 1

Red Creek 8 Red Creek 9

The ride home was pretty quiet each day.

Horse trailer creep - Copy Horse trailer creep

One day we caught this dude peeking out at us from a horse trailer that we passed on the Thruway.

 company truck

Maybe he was admiring the graphics on our truck.

Red Creek 13Anyhow, the material is now safely back in our yard and we are admiring it while we can because there certainly won’t be any left by the end of winter. Call for availability!


Just down the road; Reclaiming a local gym floor.

Last summer we traveled all across the country pulling up gym floors. Our guys were in Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland, Kansas, New Hampshire and Illinois. This summer we were fortunate enough to get a gym floor in our own back yard. Located in Geneva, this project is close enough that we were able to send an all-star crew of our regular denailers and sawyers to do the dirty work. Though I’m sure none of them considered this a vacation, it’s always nice to have a change in routine and be free of the shop for a few days. Plus, in Geneva there are good eateries in abundance when lunch time rolls around.

Gym floor 8Gym floor 1Gym floor 7
Gym floor 5


Gym floor 2Gym floor 3Gym floor 10Gym floor 9

By the end of this week this handsome material will be available to the public.

First come, first serve!