Does the world need another blog?

So perhaps you’re saying to yourself, “Does the world need another blog”? Well, obviously we at Pioneer Millworks think it does. You see, reclaimed wood, which is what we specialize in, is a funky, quirky, and unique material to work with. Unlike strip Oak or other commodity hardwood flooring & lumber, this material is all about variation, character, and history. Because of the special nature of this wood, it can be used in a virtually infinite range of designs, and in places where your typical wood might look out of place; for example, when was the last time you saw 2 1/4″ pre-finished Oak used for a ceiling?

In “Designing Against The Grain”, we’ll explore the hippest ways to use reclaimed wood, the coolest sources we’re reclaiming from, and show you some great projects from the best & brightest designers around the world. After all, there’s so much more that can be done with our wood than just floors – and if you‘re doing a floor, why not make it stand out? It could be a pattern, perhaps a stain or finish, or maybe its a history that ties together the theme of a commercial project.

Take the Wall Street Burger Shoppe for example:

Heather Tierney and her brother Christopher, came to us looking for a flooring material that would speak “Old world charm”, warmth, and history, without looking like a barn. Having already settled on our Picklewood for the walls, the floor also needed to compliment those tones. Their vision, combined with our vast inventory, came to life in a floor that was cut from Heart Pine decking salvaged from the McCormick Harvester tractor plant in Rock Island, IL. Having sampled one of these burgers myself ( Order 2 of them – trust me, you’ll want a second one ) I can honestly say that this floor is one of the most authentic looking floor we have ever produced. There’s just so much depth to the patina, and the natural distressing in the wood, that this looks like the floor has been there for a hundred years of foot traffic.

The best part is, this was a custom-made floor that fit the needs ot the client all around, and it made great use of a resource we had available, which didn’t really fit into a “normal” grade of ours. It works great with the walls and tables ( also made of our Picklewood ), bringing together an atmosphere of a rediscovered space with original finishes.

This is the kind of great work thats being done all over the country, and the kinds of projects we’ll explore here. You’ll see things pop up pretty regularly, and they’ll hopefully inspire you to think outside the box, and use our reclaimed wood in ways you’d never normally consider.

Thanks for reading – check back often, visit us at, and feel free to e-mail me, anytime.

– Jered


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