Effortless Style with Narrow Widths

Reclaimed narrow width Hickory from Pioneer MillworksAs a design element, narrow floors have traditionally appeared in formal spaces. Yet, effortless, custom styles can be created with a variety of clean or character-rich narrow width planks – flooring or paneling.

reclaimed ag oak versailles patternNarrower boards are classic. We’ve walked across ‘strip’ flooring so narrow it was face nailed (as it didn’t have t&g) but has held true for a century. Others have a tongue and groove connecting delicate 1.5″ planks. Still others in these legacy homes are laid in patterns. We’re seeing a resurgence of patterns in recent installations – horizontal and vertical – in homes and commercial spaces. The narrow wood lends itself to this use. While visually stylish, certain patterns such as herringbone or chevron, can give a narrow room the illusion of being larger. The slimmer planks are also ideal for intricate parquet patterns.  (Above: Versailles pattern in American Gothic Reclaimed Oak with an oil/wax finish. Below: American Gothic Reclaimed Oak with a custom finish in a herringbone pattern).

val reclaimed oakpatina grade reclaimed narrow stock Pioneer millworksOur patina (high character, original surface) products bring another step of revitalization to narrow width applications. An installation using narrow width patina grades will have more variation, as there are more pieces, but is likely to read as a single field in comparison to an installation using wider widths. (With wider widths, individual boards become more pronounced.) The unabashed character will also bring a relaxed atmosphere to spaces.

Narrow width Grandma's Attic Reclaimed Softwoods as wall paneling.

Narrow width Grandma’s Attic Reclaimed Softwoods as wall paneling.


Structurally, narrow widths tend to be more stable and show less movement than wider width material. For projects that are located in environments where the humidity may fluctuate narrow widths can be a good choice.ag reclaimed hickory narrow pioneer millworksWhile we custom craft to order, we have a current selection of narrow width products ready for your project. Let your reclaimed wood expert know what your favorite is:

American Gothic Mixed Oak
American Gothic White Oak
American Gothic Elm
American Gothic Chestnut
American Gothic Hickory
Reclaimed Karri/Jarrah Patina
Reclaimed Karri Bright
Character Heart Pine
Tropical Hardwood Mix, Bright
Knotty’n’Naily Douglas fir
Grandma’s Attic Softwoods



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