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Esquire Novelty Building52837As the summer begins to wane we are seeing the first truckloads of wood come in from the Esquire Novelty Building in Amsterdam, NY. These Heart Pine timbers are arriving just in time to fill a growing number of Character Select Heart Pine orders that have appeared on our production board recently.

Jackson 3

Jackson 5We first looked at this building back in 2005 but the demolition was delayed until recently.

Dating from the turn of the last century (it is first listed on an 1905 survey map) this building was originally part of what was known as the Mohasco mills complex.


Mohasco Mills was home to a large carpet-producing industry.

Lured to the Southern States by lucrative financial incentives, the carpet mills vacated the site in the late 1950’s and 60’s. The property remained vacant until Esquire Novelty, following the lead of several other Toy manufacturers who relocated to Amsterdam in the 1970’s and 80’s, moved into the Building #17 which once housed the weave mill.


Esquire, which later moved it’s operations to China, produced jump ropes and other toys but is most known for its historically accurate, highly detailed, toy guns.

The Esquire Novelty building was among the last of the Mohasco Mills structures to survive. Many of the other buildings succumbed to arson and controlled implosions.

Building #17 is being demolished with more finesse. We expect to see several truckloads of handsome timbers arrive in our yard in the next few weeks.Esquire Novelty Timbers

Stay posted for some stunning installation pictures documenting this historic wood’s reincarnation as wall paneling in a NYC restaurant.


As promised; here are the photos of the Esquire pine, milled and installed outside a Brooklyn eatery. Looks great!pasta pine 1 pasta pine 2 pasta pine 3


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