Foundry Flooring

All the wood flooring that we sell at Pioneer Millworks carries traces of its previous life. Nail holes, saw marks, original patina and weathered textures are our bread and butter. One product that screams its autheticity as a reclaimed product though is our Foundry Flooring.










Foundry flooring is original factory flooring that is carefully salvaged and re-used without any additional milling. These boards retain all the wear, scuff marks and original patina that is evidence of years of use. They can be lightly sanded and finished or installed without any additional finishing at all.



Our Foundry material is a limited edition product. We typically acquire it in batches of 6,000 to 20,000 square feet. On the occasion that we are able to find a demolition contractor with the skill, resources and patience to remove the flooring from an old factory building (it’s difficult work; I know because I’ve done it), we happily secure all the product that they are able to provide.

Each batch has it’s own individual look.

Here are some images of some recent batches that we’ve had in inventory.

Foundry Floors

Sexy Stuff indeed!










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