Heavy Timber. Trending for 200+ Years.

Heavy timber construction has been around for centuries. Timber is near to our hearts as we got our start making flooring with off-cuts from our sister company’s timber frame projects. For nearly 30 years our buyers, sales folks, and sawyers have worked with timbers. We supply¬†structural timbers, accent beams, mantles, and anything else you need.

We inventory thousands of beams in our yards in McMinnville, OR and Farmington, NY.

These antique timbers are sourced from agricultural and industrial structures that have outlived their use. Some have hand-hewn surfaces, some are rough-sawn, others may feature various colors of paint. All served as the bones of old buildings, many a vital part of the industrial revolution or family farm, and all are ready for their next evolution.

The surface of antique hand-hewn timbers is carefully maintained and celebrated.

Industrial salvaged timbers at times include remnants of paint, markers of the timbers past life.


The interior of this Lake Oswego, OR pavilion/living space celebrates original patina on as-found industrial timbers. Photo by Loren Nelson Photography.


Perhaps the most common aesthetic for reclaimed timber is re-sawn and planed on four sides. This offers the bright, natural wood with just enough signs of previous life. It’s also the most stable timber you can purchase.

The Vermont Street Project in Portland, OR was crafted from reclaimed (and re-sawn) Douglas fir timbers, originally from the Mersman Table factory.


Most common reclaimed timbers species are Douglas fir and Heart Pine. We have Oak and other hardwoods in smaller amounts. Here’s our current list:


Interested in integrating timbers in your project? Crafting a timber frame? Contact us today for our full inventory.



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