I miss my camper…

I miss my camper. I really do.

I mean, its right here outside my kitchen window, but the white roof and panels are camouflaged by the 7 inches of snow on top of it. It looks very cold, after all it is 17 degrees outside, considering it is something designed to celebrate the warmth of summer, save for sheltering us in the occasional rain storm. My wife and I bought our camper 2 years ago because we realized that we were spending our lives on the run – always going somewhere and doing something – and that we needed some time with our boys to just “do nothing”. I’ll be the first to admit, I am a workaholic – whether its answering e-mails from customers on the weekends, or in the sense of our house, constantly working to make it better – there’s always something I am working on. Getting me to sit still for even a one hour television show is an exercise in futility. So our camper takes care of this for us – by driving it and our family to a small campground near Cayuga Lake in the warmer months, we’re able to “do nothing” for the weekend. I might assemble a model train or 2, Jamie reads a book, the boys fish, or ride their bikes, or explore the forest with the new friends they make every weekend, meeting kids from all over the country.

As any of you DIY handymen ( and handywomen! ) know, it is hard to not be doing “something”. I always have a hard time relaxing when we’re camping, knowing there’s a project to be done. Pioneer Millworks works with you to make it easy to get things done. Despite what you might think, installing a wood floor is not rocket science – and it can easily be a weekend project in a small to mid-sized room. Our Wood Experts can explain how to prep the room, guide you through installation, and provide NWFA recommendations to make it a smooth and simple process. Even better than our charming personalities and expert advice, we offer pre-finishing as an option on many of our grades & species. This means there’s no messy spills, fumes, or cleanup – you install the floor, and move back into your room that same day. It also takes the hardest part of a wood floor installation out of the mix, and makes it possible to have a brand new floor in a matter of a few hours.

Pioneer Millworks has a great section of our website, the Bargain Basement, where you’ll find smaller batches of flooring we have in the shop, and some special deals and prices that don’t come around that often.

We have enough variety to suit most design styles, and there’s even some of our swanky new engineered wood flooring available. Check it out – there’s sure to be something there that could be used in a room or two of your home, and we’ll help you make it a fun weekend project. OK, we won’t BE THERE to help – but we’re only a phone call away!

Now – back to the camper. I wonder if I can put some Heart Pine flooring in there….

Stay warm, be creative, and keep in touch.

– Jered


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