Is it a table? Or art?

Well that depends on your viewpoint. Mies van der Rohe said, “God is in the details”. If that is the case, then He’s here in the office, because the tables we make are highly detailed, yet completely functional in any type of space. Take our new conference table, seen here:

Cracks? Yup.

Color variation? For sure.

A live edge? Uh huh.

Signs of previous use such as nail holes, worm marks, stains, and the occasional saw mark? Youbetcha.

If you can have art and function meet like this, then why wouldn’t you want to put it in your ( insert proper project here ) retail space, dining room, restaurant, kitchen counter tops, bar, ticket counter…..?

We build these using the coolest reclaimed wood pieces that come in, called sleepers. We carefully remove the metal and slice them into planks to slowly dry out, and then craft them into any dimension of top you can imagine. In many cases, the edge is left “live” – you see the actual outer layers of the tree, as it was seen by the person that felled & de-barked the log 150 years ago.

Give us a call – lets talk about what kind of details we can bring into your project. It just might be a truly religious experience.

Thanks for checking in – stay in touch.


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