Just down the road; Reclaiming a local gym floor.

Last summer we traveled all across the country pulling up gym floors. Our guys were in Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland, Kansas, New Hampshire and Illinois. This summer we were fortunate enough to get a gym floor in our own back yard. Located in Geneva, this project is close enough that we were able to send an all-star crew of our regular denailers and sawyers to do the dirty work. Though I’m sure none of them considered this a vacation, it’s always nice to have a change in routine and be free of the shop for a few days. Plus, in Geneva there are good eateries in abundance when lunch time rolls around.

Gym floor 8Gym floor 1Gym floor 7
Gym floor 5


Gym floor 2Gym floor 3Gym floor 10Gym floor 9

By the end of this week this handsome material will be available to the public.

First come, first serve!


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