Labor Day – The Finale!

Did I say “next week” back in September? How time flies!

The project was actually finished up in early October, as my wife moved her scrapbooking supplies back in. With the blue & gray walls, the Chestnut trim, and the white floor, we decided to use some darker accents. A black rug under the desk, which was painted the same gray as the opposite wall. A charcoal-color chair that flips out into a single bed. Black picture frames on one wall of the gray, with white frames on the blue walls.

The Chestnut trim is original to the house, and was the one thing I thought would gum up the works in terms of a color scheme. In the end though, it really looks nice, and carries the character of the house into the room in a subtle way. Besides, why paint over a treasured material when the exposed woodwork was a deciding factor for us to buy the home in the first place?

The flooring is doing great, developing the occasional dent or ding as we moved things back in. Our home’s character is “perfectly imperfect”, with the signs of age being evident throughout in a good way. But as you can see from the photo above, we want it to look like that – in fact most people think we painted the old subfloor, which is just fine with us.

Lesson learned? Consider color, and try something different in your flooring project. We’re happy to help you out with samples and cut-offs to try different things out, and to work with you to develop the perfect flooring material. And with Pioneer Millworks‘ new “6 about 6” pricing, we’ve made it even easier for you to bring a reclaimed floor into your home. Just give us a call anytime and we’ll get started.

Keep in touch – thanks for reading.


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