Welcome Hans and Lori!

We connected with Hans and Lori of HGH Trading & Consulting, Inc. in Texas a few months back. We’re excited to have this Lone Star State tag-team representing our reclaimed and sustainable wood products there and in Oklahoma. On a characteristically hot day in late summer we sat down to learn more about them:

What do you like about Texas?

Hans: The big open spaces once you’re out of the city. I’ve been in Texas for 34 years.

Lori: I grew up in Canada and Chicago so I love the weather that we have in Frisco [TX] from November to May. We can have a few cold days (sometimes 40-60 degrees….haha!) but mostly 75 degrees and sunny. I consider it perfect! I’ve lived here for 22 years and wouldn’t go back.

What’s your backstory with design and wood?

Hans: I’ve always worked in the wood products industries! Wood is so natural and easy to connect with. I spent time in various mills doing everything from production to product development, to procurement, to sales and marketing.

Lori: My college degree is in design but I have always been in sales, representing flooring products to architectural and design firms in Chicago initially, and now in Texas and Oklahoma. I have experience with the fuzzy stuff, and vinyl of many shapes and colors and brands, but it is wood that speaks to me.

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Black and Tan, stout and layered.

Visually tasty contrasting black layered over natural oak tones define our Black & Tan grades to create a dynamic and durable canvas. We’ve reclaimed the oak fence boards from mid-west farms where they spent years on farm duty, experiencing the elements and the animals. The mix of red and white oak has distinct character which we’ve classified into a few standard grades: Black & Tan—50/50, Black & Tan—Tan, and Black & Tan—Black.

When we salvage Black & Tan, each board is layered with eco and animal-friendly black paint that we celebrate in each grade.


Creative client requests and our finishing team’s inspiration have made Black & Tan a go-to for additional surfacing (such as saw marks, wire brushing, and Raked) or including a bit more color.

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Our Newest Team Members

As we strive to serve you and meet your project needs, we’ve enlisted some new folks who we’re excited to introduce. 

Andy McQuade, Director of Sales

Andy McQuade

Andy spent a few decades in the material supply realm with some big-name national stores, guiding client choices for everything from single room remodels to hotels, restaurants, apartments complexes, student housing, and more.

“I’m inquisitive by nature and I like to learn. I ask lots of questions! It was the right time for me to make a change, to learn something new so when the opportunity to be a part of Pioneer Millworks came up, I jumped on it. Talk about one-of-a-kind products in a cool industry. I’m pretty excited to be here,” Andy said.

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Thoughtful Sophistication—Interview with Jason Francis

We’ve been talking about Thoughtful Sophistication™ a lot in our studios; what it means to us and what we hope it means to others. Of course, there’s our Thoughtful Sophistication collection—but it’s more than just the products and finishes you see.  It’s a way to move Beyond the Barn™  to see the other side of reclaimed wood, options that are sleek and modern with a soul. 

However, nothing good comes from just talking in your own bubble, so we reached out to some of our design/build friends to get their take on Thoughtful Sophistication. 

Deanna had the fantastic opportunity to speak with Jason Francis of Tiny Heirloom, builders of custom tiny homes that take a new spin by allowing homeowners to upgrade in quality while downgrading in square footage. The family-run business, based in Portland, Oregon, is made up of Jason & wife Brianna, his brother Zach & wife Hannah, and brother-in-law Tyson & wife Michelle. You might already be familiar with the team and their work from HGTV’s, Tiny Luxury.

Deanna: Jason thanks for taking time to talk with me today. Tell me about Tiny Heirloom.

Jason: Absolutely, no worries. So we design and build custom tiny homes. We have a focus on high-quality and luxury aspects of design. We’ve focused on catering to 100% custom design. A lot of places out there in tiny homes and regular home building all you to customize a set of plans or add different ideas, but starting from a blank page was harder to find. So that’s what we took and applied to the tiny home world. I work with my brother Zach, and my brother-in-law Tyson and our wives who pitch-in on design ideas and the aesthetic-side of things.

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