The Winds of Change

President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Big jobs usually go to the men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones.”

Pioneer Millworks has done that consistently for years. Starting out as a small supplier to the timberframe industry, we’ve grown into one of the largest reclaimed wood companies in the world. We’ve moved beyond just timbers though, producing flooring, millwork, paneling, and most recently, the most eco-friendly engineered wood flooring on the market. Work with us, and you have 9 acres of yard with over 1 million board feet of stock, 45,000 sf of shop under roof, and more than 30 of the most dedicated craftspeople in the industry on your team.

It goes without saying then, that we know a thing or two about reclaimed wood. It is no wonder that Lumus Construction came to us to provide the timbers for the windmill at Roosevelt’s Sagamore Hill home at Oyster Bay, NY.

The original structure was built in 1885 to pump water to a holding tank on the home’s 3rd floor. After nearly 100 years, the windmill was replaced with a pressure treated structure in the 70’s. The demise of this material after 30 years is living proof that many modern chemical treatments can’t stand the test of time the way a natural product such as our Heart Pine does.

Once complete, we’ll post some photos here to show off the beautiful materials, which were reclaimed from the US Leather Company in Elizabeth, NJ. It is some of the nicest looking timber we’ve seen in ten years – and we can’t think of a better place for it to stand for another hundred.

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Holiday Time

7,862,400 Seconds
131,040 Minutes
2184 Hours
91 Days
13 Weeks

However you look at it, Christmas is coming. And if you think thats “pretty far off”, consider that Thanksgiving is only a little more than 8 weeks away as I type this. In other words, if you want the coolest reclaimed wood flooring in your house before the biggest family gatherings of the year, now is the time to get your order into Pioneer Millworks.

Black & Tan Oak, Character Select Heart Pine, Settlers’ Plank Oak…..whichever floor you like, we’ve got it ready to ship quickly. Contact Jered or Jake – we’ll help you make it happen.


Wanted to put up some photos of the newest material from Pioneer MillworksBlack & Tan Oak. Named after the famed combination of beers, ( Saranac makes a great one if you’ve never sampled it! ) this material has a consistent black paint, which when removed in part, reveals a rich & mellow Oak underneath. This can me made as solid flooring, wall paneling, millwork, shelving – you name it, we can make it. And, we can plane it ( or not ) to your specifications. The paint is completely non-toxic; we’d have it no other way.

The Black materials are un-surfaced, and the Tan is skip-planed. Working with these contracting colors creates visual texture, stunning color patterns, and a completely unique look:

Using the skip-planed “Tan” for the planks and the “Black” for the fins……

A different dimensioned approach, using the “Black” for the planks and the “Tan” for the fins…..

Herringbone flooring in the “Tan”….

Plank flooring in “Tan”….

If the darker wood appeals to you, we can certainly make an entire project in the “Black”. This would be perfect for a high-traffic environment. The possibilities are endless with this wood, but the supply is not – Drop Jered a line for samples and to discuss your project today!


Is it a table? Or art?

Well that depends on your viewpoint. Mies van der Rohe said, “God is in the details”. If that is the case, then He’s here in the office, because the tables we make are highly detailed, yet completely functional in any type of space. Take our new conference table, seen here:

Cracks? Yup.

Color variation? For sure.

A live edge? Uh huh.

Signs of previous use such as nail holes, worm marks, stains, and the occasional saw mark? Youbetcha.

If you can have art and function meet like this, then why wouldn’t you want to put it in your ( insert proper project here ) retail space, dining room, restaurant, kitchen counter tops, bar, ticket counter…..?

We build these using the coolest reclaimed wood pieces that come in, called sleepers. We carefully remove the metal and slice them into planks to slowly dry out, and then craft them into any dimension of top you can imagine. In many cases, the edge is left “live” – you see the actual outer layers of the tree, as it was seen by the person that felled & de-barked the log 150 years ago.

Give us a call – lets talk about what kind of details we can bring into your project. It just might be a truly religious experience.

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