Reclaimed Gym Flooring Installation

Heart Pine in my studio.

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a large commercial installation of some reclaimed Gym Floor. It was a good experience for me because the largest install that I had done to date was about 100 square feet of Premium Select Vertical Grain Heart Pine in a small studio of mine.

With our trusted friends Walter and Eric of Veteran Wood Floors, LLC., I witnessed, and lent a hand in, the laying down of over 15,000 square feet in a little over 3 days.

Three days was about how long I spent laying my studio floor. It was a very casual experience as I hand picked each piece and the whole floor was assembled like a precious puzzle.

Walter and Eric did not have that luxury. Time was of the essence. Aided by a crew of a dozen men working round the clock, the installation process was a relentless hustle where choices were made instinctively, on the fly.

Along with the original finish, various accent colors ranging from black to white, grey, yellow, green, orange, blue, purple, brown and red are left intact on this extremely durable grade.


Reclaimed Gym Floors require both a skilled hand during installation and an acute visual sensibility. Because the flooring is reused as-is (without any additional milling), gapping and irregularities are to be expected and the installer must be attentive to keep the rows straight. In addition, an effort must be made to keep the original paint markings evenly dispersed during installation.







Layout, sorting, nailing.


Screening process.

Walter’s crew were installation pros. As one man nailed the flooring down, two guys would work ahead of him sorting and laying the pieces out.  At the end of each day, what had been installed was then screened, vacuumed and coated with single application of protective finish.


Screened floor.


Final Finish.

We installed a heavier mix of painted boards on the first floor.

The finished floor looks pretty wicked. It’s sporty, playful, durable, and one of a kind!

Nice work Veteran Wood Floors, LLC.



3 thoughts on “Reclaimed Gym Flooring Installation

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  2. Hi, Great article on the reclaimed gym floors. Question: How do you deal with the old finish at the edge of each plank? And can you please explain the “screening” process? What final finish do you use and find compatable with the old finish? The finished product photo looks outstanding!

    Thank you!!


    • Jason,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this blog post. Let me try to answer your questions. First, when you mention “the old finish at the edge of each plank”, I think you are referring to the gunk that you find accumulated on the tounge and groove of many boards. This crud is finish that sunk in between boards over the course of multiple refinishings during the original gym floor’s lifetime. Sometimes this crud means that the boards don’t fit together as tight as a new floor might. This slight gapping and the irregularities it might cause during installation are accepted as an unavoidable design element in a reclaimed gym floor.
      We screen a gym floor in order to slightly abrade the surface of the original finish. This allows the final finish to adhere better. On this project a 150 grit screen was used on a 17 inch floor polisher. The screen itself is literally a synthetic screen which comes in varying grits. Screening removes much less material than a sanding, thereby preserving the original patina on vintage floors.
      A single coat of Loba 2K Ultra 2.0 Extra Matte was used for a final finish on this floor. Loba was recommended to us by Walter because of it’s ability to bond well with existing finishes.
      I hope I was able to answer your questions. Let me know if you would like any additional information. If you ever happen to be in the Washington D.C. area, take a walk down M Street in Georgetown. You can find this particular gym floor on two stories of a well known sports apparel and footwear store there. Thanks for writing!



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