Shou Sugi Ban and Detailed Craft: a note from the NEW Jewel

A modest timber frame home, designed, built, and crafted by our sister company (New Energy Works Timberframers), clad with our Shou Sugi Ban deep char and sporting other finely crafted reclaimed and sustainable woods: the NEW Jewel. The project is completed and officially “home” to Phil and Rocio, who continue to generously share their Jewel and their words:

Phil and Rocio along with pups Luca and Sherlock enjoy a moment on the porch of their nearly completed NEW Jewel. We created their Shou Sugi Ban siding using sustainably harvested larch.


“Jonathan, et al…
As I write out the final check for Invoice #9, it seems the right moment to pen a note of appreciation for the bundle of work, energy, and creativity that we currently reside in. It is not lost on us for a moment that we discovered New Energy Works and Pioneer Millworks at a moment in time that was just right for everyone; Rocio stumbled onto the NEW website looking for a builder of ‘barn homes’ and was immediately captured by the concepts and pics displayed. Everything seemed to line up: small house, close to shop, (relatively) simple design, similar vision, seasonal timing, etc. to enable you all to pull off an amazing, wonderful, beautiful, efficient, stunning, one-of-a-kind home for us.

It is quite difficult to express the deep sense of gratitude we feel towards everyone that contributed to the Jewel…many of which I don’t have the ability to send this to, or even be able to name. The artistic, creative flair combined with real-life practicality is a major component of our place we will love for many years to come.
Please pass on our thanks to everyone that was involved. We look forward to visits from any and all as time goes by.
Phil and Rocio
Dayton, Oregon”

Thanks, Phil and Rocio. Little did you know how perfect your timing was when you came to New Energy Works Timberframers and Pioneer Millworks and asked for a “small but perfect home”. Fertile ground indeed, and our minds raced with the many thoughts about working on something like a precious gem, or a NEW Jewel.

Against traditional shou sugi ban charred siding, a warm-toned door crafted with American Gothic Reclaimed Oak welcomes all to the Jewel.


Walnut cabinetry utilized a mixture of Reclaimed Walnut and board stock from a walnut tree which was removed from the build site.

Detailed execution of all pieces and parts make up this Jewel, including a custom island top crafted from American Gothic Reclaimed Beech.


Inside the NEW Jewel a ridge skylight allows natural light to filter in throughout the home.


Nothing wasted. Off-cuts of larch and walnut created while crafting pieces for the Jewel were repurposed into a chevron pattern flat track door for the master bedroom.


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