We’ve been talking about Thoughtful Sophistication™ a lot in our studios; what it means to us and what we hope it means to others. Of course, there’s our Thoughtful Sophistication collection—but it’s more than just the products and finishes you see. It’s a way to move Beyond the Barn™ to see the other side of reclaimed wood, options that are sleek and modern with a soul. 

However, nothing good comes from just talking in your own bubble, so we reached out to some of our design friends to get their take on Thoughtful Sophistication. 

Tiffany Hanken (right) collaborates with Sara Mericle at the Tiffany Hanken Design office in MN.


I had the fantastic opportunity to chat with Tiffany Hanken of Tiffany Hanken Design.Tiffany grew up in Wisconsin where she found her passion for interior design after getting to redesign an old hunting lodge at age 13. Since then she’s brought her visions to national restaurants, clothing boutiques, and residences across the United States and France with the team at Tiffany Hanken Design inspiring others to “design the life they love.”

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