What are you doing with YOUR summer?

Last year I had time to work on OTHER people’s houses, like the “Extreme Makeover – Home Edition” house in Geneva, NY. What gives this year?!

Right about now,every one of my friends is looking around and wondering what happened to summer. Not just because we’ve had such low temperatures ( only broke 80 degrees twice in July here in NY ) or because it has been so wet & miserable. And not just because time seems to fly by no matter what. It was because we’ve all got ourselves so overbooked with things to do, people to see, places to go. I was trying to find a free weekend to explore some long-abandoned railroad lines with a friend when it dawned on us that the next time the 3 of us had time was going to be OCTOBER. And even that month is already filling up for me! In between now and then, I have 3 weekends of camping, a family vacation, gatherings with friends, birthdays…the list goes on and on.

Why do we do this to ourselves? We get so excited about being involved in things, and then we complain about how busy we are! It frankly amuses me, yet I am as guilty as the next guy. I always used to be a “roll with it” kind of person, but sometimes it is great to not have ANYTHING planned. Like this weekend – I have no idea what we’re doing! It is kind of nice – perhaps we’ll do some cleaning, yard work, etc. Perhaps I’ll figure out why that goofy tomato plant I mentioned in an earlier entry has stopped growing. Perhaps I’ll get the dining room ready for painting.

Or perhaps I’ll relax. Yeah, thats an idea. Just sit back, relax on the porch in the rocking chair, and watch the kids play in the yard. Funny, we’re not supposed to do that, are we? Waste perfectly good time doing nothing? Maybe a quick project to spruce things up around the house is all I’ll need to feel useful!

One of the reasons we developed our reclaimed engineered wood flooring is for just such a project. While installing a floor may seem daunting, our engineered flooring makes it amazingly easy with just a few tools and some advice from us here at Pioneer Millworks. It is available in short turnarounds, it is end-matched for easy & quick fitting, can be pre-finished if you’d like, and it has the same beauty and character of the rest of our woods. Only need a couple hundred feet? Great! With our materials and expertise, you can have the floor installed in a day. If its pre-finished, all the better – move out the furniture in the morning, and in the evening, you’ll be sitting on the couch watching SNL, reveling in the fact that you have a new floor – not just any floor, the most eco-friendly engineered floor available.

Not that I’ll be putting a floor in my house this weekend, but we will be installing some pre-finished American Gothic Oak in a coming entry. Stay tuned to the blog here, and I’ll take you through the process step by step. Until then, drop me a line anytime and feel free to contact us with questions about your project. I’ll be on the porch watching the rest of my summer go by.

Thanks for reading – stay in touch.


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