Let it snow…

About 15 minutes ago, I looked up from the keyboard and saw a curtain of white-ish slushy stuff falling from the sky. I just came from the Adirondacks where I had a stellar Thanksgiving holiday, and even up there, the only places with snow were the high peaks, like Lake Placid, where there’s a foot of the white stuff at the summit. So seeing the snow falling here set in motion a sudden rush of thoughts….

1. Oh crap, we need to get the Christmas decorations out of the attic.
2. I have that much shopping left before Christmas?
3. I have HOW many cookies to bake?!
4. I should have painted the dining room “one of those days” that I spent on the front porch in the rocking chair this summer. Wait – did I even have “one of those days”?
5. 2010 is a month away – time to get those projects done, so I have time for “one of those days” NEXT year!

We’ve got several floors available for quick turnarounds, and if you don’t want it delivered until January, you can still reserve your floor now and we’ll hold it for you until the new year. As you’re packing up the holiday decorations, you can spruce up the place and get the new year started right! After all, if its snowy outside, and you’re not up for braving the cold, nothing warms the body like some installing a floor.

Now that I finish this up, it seems that the snow has melted away – typical of Upstate NY this time of year. But with this being the latest “first accumulating snowfall” in many many years, it is sort of a welcome sight to see. That is, unless you work outside in our yard.

Be safe, stay in touch.

– Jered


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