Spring Redwood Decking

Spring is just around the corner, right? With recent snowfalls reaching record amounts in the southern and eastern US it is hard to believe. But we are only 34 days away from the Spring Equinox. When I think spring, I think outdoor cooking! Wheeling the grill out from the depths of winter storage or pulling the cover from the one sitting on the deck. Picnics and regular outdoor family meals – simply being outside and enjoying the sunshine again.


I’m amazed at how much our deck makes our home seem larger. The kids enjoy playing on it, the dog lounges there and it is a great nap spot. If you’re thinking about adding on some exterior space we can help with materials. We have reclaimed redwood from wine vats that is excellent for decking and railings. Redwood is naturally rot, mold and rodent resistant, weathering well outdoors. (We’ve also had feedback that it is a good wood for bare feet with limited cracking or splinters and no infused chemicals to worry about). And if the wind is just right, you may even be able to smell the original wine tannins locked deep in the wood. 

There is still time to have your deck ready for Spring. Send us a note to learn more.  – Pioneer Millworks


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