We’ll make it…..

Times are tough right now. Everywhere you look, the unemployment line is growing longer, and people are really thinking twice about how they spend their money. As tax refunds come out, stimulus packages get passed, and financing becomes easier, consider putting dollars in a place where it will matter – your home.

Now is a great time to renovate a kitchen, add some built-ins, or put down some wood flooring. Prices have never been better ( 20% off at Pioneer Millworks this month! ) and you get the benefit of a more beautiful house in which to ride out the storm. When things do turn around, and they will turn around, you’ll have made a worthwhile investment that will easily pay for itself. Best of all, by keeping your hard-earned money in the United States, you’re supporting our economy and the domestic workforce.

Give us a call, drop us an e-mail, or stop by and see the newly expanded shop. We’ve got plenty to talk about. We’ll make it through this.

– Jered


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